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The Wiki

Welcome to the official community wiki of warface, this website has for goal to offer a largest part of the warface content. The wiki, is updated as soon as possible, however, the number of lang create more work for me. The website is optimized for all screen, so you can check the wiki with your smarpthone and other devices. Contrary to other wiki, this wiki doesn't have ads. If you have some suggestion you can contact me here :

Media content usage

All media content (video, image, ...) is the property of Crytek, therefore, their use is Domain Crytek. The rest of the site (design, code, database) is my exclusive property.

Donation :


Big thanks to :

  • XenOboy
  • ArKeL
  • **Apollon**
  • ljubaman
  • Predester
  • TheSyntox

If I forget people, thank you to send me your contributions MP on the official website of Warface. Crytek staff not part of Contributors for obvious reasons.

Who am I ?

My username is involved [-Max-], I play from the beginning of Warface, EU version (2013) and UK (2012), I created this wiki to share and centralize my / knowledge of the game. Whether you like it or not the site, I ask you to respect, this is a project that required a lot of time to work. The update, occupies much of my occupations. The wiki is hosted by me, I made every effort to make the site as available as possible. However all this is not free, if you want to help me in the most simple way you can make a donation.