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Warface and Blackwood go against each other in intense Versus match-ups. And with up to eight players on each side, the action always comes thick and fast! You can swap class in-game at any time, maximizing your performance on the battlefield. Clan players also have the option of using the Clan War feature to play against other clans instead of joining public games.

Join forces with friends to annihilate the enemy. In Warface's unique Co-op mode you can play with up to five people to take down Blackwood forces around the globe. With new challenges and rewards every day, players of all levels will find something worth fighting for! Each mission consists of several locations. You will have a specific goal for each territory. When your mission is complete, a helicopter will extract you and take you to the next conflict zone.

Prepare for the hardest and longest missions in Warface so far. Teamwork is the key in these missions. Get your hands on heavy artillery and make sure that your equipment is fully repaired before jumping in. Master your class and play as a team if you want to succeed. The survival missions are restricted to users below rank 10.