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Striker "Christmas"

Description :

The weapon's action is similar to that of a revolver, using a rotating magazine. Since the Striker uses a conventional double action only trigger and a very large and heavy cylinder (compared to handguns), Walker added a pre-wound clock-work spring to revolve the magazine which proved to make loading the weapon slow. The design was changed into having a cocking lever on the right side of the barrel.[2][6] The first designs were criticized as having a slow and cumbersome firing mechanism. The shells had to be individually loaded and then the drum wound by a clockwork mechanism. Shell ejection was by an ejector rod along the right hand side of the barrel. The last version has the clockwork winding mechanism removed, the ejector rod has been replaced by an automatic ejection system and in the rod's place is a cocking lever that winds the drum automatically. The Striker design has a twelve round magazine capacity and short overall length. Compact variants have 7 rounds.



    Striker "Christmas"
    Damage :608
    Range :6
    RPM :155
    Aim Accuracy :58
    Hip Accuracy :53
    Clip Capacity :12
    Total Ammo :40
    Reload time :0.5 s
    Recoil :Average
    ESL :
    Crytek CUP :